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Hose Binding Machine
Material : Body - Aluminium Alloy or Cast
Iron Jaw chuck - Copper Alloy
Capacity : Up to 100mmo hose
Process time : Approximately 20mins per
length of hose
 Code No.  MIS229-MS-STD-NA

L.A Hand Operated Alarm Bell Specification
Material : Aluminium Alloy
Sound Level at 1m : 105 dB
 Code No.  MIS212-LA-STD-RD
Applicator Specification
Diameter : 25.0mm I/D
Protector : Rubber
Material of nozzle : Aluminium Alloy
Outlet pattern : Spray
Length adjustable from : 1800-3060mm
 Code No.  FEX158-LA-025-BK
  Fire Blanket
Material of blanket : Woven Fibre Glass
Other sizes available upon request
Application : Kitchen
 Code No.  Material
 MIS258-FG-XXX-RD  Plastic pouch red 4ft x 4ft
 MIS255-FG-STD-RD  Plastic rigid container 4ft x 4ft
 MIS255-FG-6X6-RD  Plastic rigid container 6ft x 6ft
 FBT005-10X10HC  Plastic rigid container 1m x 1m
 FBT005-12X12HC  Plastic rigid container 1.2m x  1.2m
Hose Bridge
Material : Aluminium Alloy
Capacity : Up to 65mmo hose
 Code No.  MIS245-LA-065-NA
Curtain Nozzle
Material : Copper Alloy
Finishing : Natural
 Code No.  MIS256-GM-065-RD
Coupling Opener
Material : M.S Galvanised
Finishing : Chrome
 Code No.  MIS048-MS-100-CH

Metal Suction Strainer

 Code No.  Material
 MIS215-GM-100-NA  Copper Alloy
 MIS215-LA-100-NA  Aluminium Alloy

Connection : 100mm o round thread

Basket Suction Strainer
 Code No.  Material
 MIS214-XX-100-NA  Cane
 MIS214-PS-100-NA  Plastic
Suction Hose Coupling
 Code No.  Material
 MIS217-LA-100-NA  Aluminium Alloy
 MIS217-GM-100-NA  Copper Alloy
Hose connection : 100mm O ribbed tail to BS 336
Suction Hose Coupling Wrench
Material : Galvanised mild steel
 Code No.  MIS213-MS-100-BK
Suction Hose
Material : PVC with nylon reinforcement
Length(std) : 2.4m (standard)
Optional length available upon request
Diameter : 100mm O
 Code No.  MIS269-PS-100-NA
Duct Housing
Material : Aluminium Alloy
 Code No.  FAS199-LA-STD-RD
Suction Hose Stand
Material : M.S Galvanised Adjustable height
Finishing : Red
 Code No.  MIS268-MS-STD-RD
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