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CO2 Extinguishing System Components
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CO2 K Valve
  • Material: Brass CZ122
  • Test Pressure: 250Bar
  • Burst Disc pressure: 200-250Bar
  • Pneumatic actuation pressure: 1.5 Bar
Code No. Description
CO2023-BR-XX-XX CO2 K-Valve
CO2022-MS-005-2P Manual Lever

Pilot Cylinder Solenoid Actuated
Size Code No.
1.25kg CO2 CO2054-CS-001-SP
2.20kg CO2 CO2054-CS-022-SP
CO2 Multijet Discharge Nozzles
Discharge nozzle with horn type is used for diffusing CO2 gas to prevent scattering of burning material.
Nozzle material : Brass CZ 121
Horn material : Aluminium alloy

CO2 nozzles in total flooding system should be arrange in the protected space in a manner to ensure equal distribution of CO2 gas during a discharge.

Size Code No. Type Standard Code No. With Horn
1/2" (15) CO2011-BR-015-RH CO2007-LA-015-MS
3/4" (19) CO2011-BR-020-RH CO2007-LA-020-MS
1" (25) CO2011-BR-025-RH CO2007-LA-025-MS
Pressure Operated
Directional Valves
When Two or more areas are to be protected using a same bank of CO2 cylinders, a Pressure Operated Directional (POD) valves is installed in each of the CO2 main feed pipe leading to the designated areas. CO2 gas from pilot cylinders connected to the inlet port will open valve.

Size (mm) Code No.
1/4" (32) CO2010-CS-032-NA
1-1/2" (38) CO2010-CS-040-NA
2" (50) CO2010-CS-050-NA
2-1/2" (65) CO2010-CS-065-NA
3" (80) CO2010-CS-080-NA
4" (100) CO2010-CS-100-NA
6" (150) CO2010-CS-150-NA

Discharge Hose and Pilot Loop Hose
  • Specification: SAE 100R1AT
  • Min. Burst Pressure 8000Psi (1/2"), 11000Psi (1/4")
  • Test Pressure: 3000Psi
  • Min. Bend Radius: 100mm
Code No. Description
CO2005-RB-015-BK Discharge Hose c/w check valve
CO2058-RB-300-BK Pilot Loop Hose

Fire Curtains
Actuated by 24VDC tripping device. Install on top of louvers
or opening.
Code No. Description
FAS253-FG-XX-WH Fire curtain c/w steel cable
FAS254-NO-24V-RD Box c/w solenoid tripping device
Manifold Pressure Switch
Code No. CO2012-XX-XX-XX
CO2 Cylinder 68L
  • Test Pressure: 250Bar
  • Empty Weight: 75Kg
  • Finishing: Red
  • CO2 Capacity: 45Kg
  • Manufacture to: BS5045 Part 1
  • Material: Mn Steel Thread 28.8 x 14" TPI
  • Filling Ratio: 0.667
  • Develop Pressure:
    50Bar (725Psi) @ 15c
    60Bar (870Psi) @ 30c
    170Bar (2465Psi) @ 60c
Code No. CO2001-CS-450-KV
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