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Inertec01 Fire Suppression Systems
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Directional valves system for the protection of multiple rooms  
Fire Suppression System Applications  
fire suppression systems protect enclosed areas where there is a need for quick reaction to fire, where people may be present, where fire may strike anytime or where damage from conventional agents cannot be tolerated.

Some examples of such areas are :
Telecommunications Facilities
  • Telephone Exchanges
  • Communication Centres
  • Central & Remote Cellular Sites
  • Satellite Ground Stations
Commercial & Institutional Facilities
  • Bank Vaults & Document Storage
  • Medical Diagnostic Rooms
  • Art Galleries & Archives
  • Museums & Libraries
  • Aviation & Marine Applications
Data Centres & Industrial Applications
  • Computer Rooms & Electronics
  • Tape & Back Up Storage
  • Server Rooms & Process Control Rooms
  • Power Plants & Distribution, Electrical Switchgears & Battery Rooms
  • Laboratories & Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Facilities
  • Military Installations
Low-cost Refills That's Always Available
Argon gas, agent of the fire suppressant is readily available everywhere and is very affordable. This advantage allows the facility manager to carry out discharge tests regularly to ensure system functionality. Due to the simple gas make up, long delivery times and often proprietary sources of refills for other inert and chemical based agents can be avoided.

* The Montreal Protocol (1987) calls for a planned reduction and phase-out in the production and consumption of ozone depleting substances.
** The Kyoto Protocol (2005) treaty is an international agreement to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.
    The Kyoto Protocol commits 38 industrialized countries to cut their key greenhouse gas emissions to specific levels by the year 2012.
For over 2 decades, ISGM has helped countless clients effectively prevent dangerous and costly fires. These include households, offices, high-rise buildings, complexes, factories, aircraft hangers, power generation plant, ports, stadiums and other huge installations.

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